• Board of Directors

  • Beth Bowman

    Beth Bowman, CCE, IOM
    Greater Irving Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce

  • Tony Vedda

    Tony Vedda, CCE, IOM
    North Texas GLBT Chamber of Commerce

  • Mabrie JacksonSharon Mayer
    Allen Fairview Chamber of Commerce

  • Mabrie JacksonLisa Flowers, CCE, IOM
    Immediate Past President
    East Parker County Chamber of Commerce

  • Mabrie JacksonChris Wallace
    Ex Officio
    North Texas Commission

  • Dana Macalik

    Lisa Hermes, CCE, IOM
    Governmental Affairs Chair
    McKinney Chamber of Commerce

  • Mabrie JacksonDarby Burkey
    Programs Chair
    Rockwall Chamber of Commerce

  • Mabrie JacksonErin Carney
    Membership Chair
    Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce

  • Mabrie JacksonLori Fickling
    Communications Chair
    Lewisville Chamber of Commerce

  • Mabrie Jackson

    Michael Jacobson
    At Large
    Arlington Chamber of Commerce

  • Mabrie JacksonMichael Gallops
    At Large
    Rowlett Chamber of Commerce

  • Committees:

    1. Membership: By focusing on our membership, their needs and expectations, the NTCE will become a more integral part of the DFW area while maintaining a strong financial condition and operations.
    2. Communications: By providing communications of various sorts to our members, the NTCE will make sure that all resources, benefits, and opportunities that it presents will be available to its members. This emphasis will assure members that they will be receiving benefits regardless of their abilities to attend meetings, and/or their particular needs and circumstances
    3. Programs/Events: By having strong programs, events, and speakers, the NTCE will provide value to its members and those able to attend such programs/events. These will be geared so as to further the professional development of its members and/or provide value to their organizations.
    4. Finances: By providing a strong focus on its internal finances, the NTCE will assure its members that their monies are being handled in a proper manner and in the best interest of the overall mission/vision of the organization. Additionally, transparency will be a key component of the NTCE’s operations.
    5. Governmental Affairs: The NTCE will work to educate its members on the role of Governmental Affairs in the chambers’ organizations, ways to be more effective, ways to work together, and provide other opportunities for advancement in this particular area.