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Mission Vision & Values

Our Mission

The mission of the NTCE is to offer chamber executives in the North Texas region resources, which include professional development, continuing education, support, and advice that will strengthen their organizations, their staff, and their local communities, as well as the entire North Texas Region.

Our Vision

Within the North Texas region, NTCE will be the organization within the chamber industry, which will be the number one resource of professional development, leadership training, information, collaboration, programming, and support for chamber CEO’s.

Our Values

The Vision/Mission of the NTCE will be pursued while keeping specific values at the core of our daily activities. These values will form the basis by which we work together as an organization, are viewed by our Community Partners and business members, and our decisions, actions, and words are implemented and/or carried out.

Collaboration- Members of the NTCE will first and foremost collaborate with one another for the greater good of the industry and the region, working together to enhance all members and not focusing on one chamber over another.

Professionalism- Members of the NTCE will strive to be amongst the top professionals in their industry in actions, training, and reputation.

Continuous Improvement- Members of the NTCE, working as an organization or individually, will continuously strive to improve their knowledge within the industry, improve business conditions in their individual communities and across the area, and work to make the North Texas region the best-perceived area for business and for chamber professionals.

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